When I (Jon) was blessed with the chance to start 10:31 Life Ministries in 2009 we wanted it to be a place where we could share ideas through writing, inspiring Youth to think about their faith. The result were three main articles. The Garden Patch by Gregory Gross, Youth’s Truths which is now branded Take the Lead and The College Commitment written by Rev. David Faulkner. Now with David Tank and Angel Edwards on board things have taken a new turn and a new direction and God has blessed each of us with this unique and special opportunity.

But before we had a website we used Facebook and then we had Blogger and now we have a website. Here’s a place where you can find links to all of the past 10:31 Life Ministries Articles from our days as 10:31 Ministries

The original 10:31 Life Ministries Facebook Logo designed by Jonathan David Faulkner

The Garden Patch
Written by Gregory Gross 

Finding a Church 9/12/2009
Faith 10/11/2009
Why Do We Suffer 11/6/2009
Small Groups are Important 12/5/2009
New Beginnings 1/10/10
Relationships…Love?  2/12/10
Grace, What is it?  3/8/12

Take The Lead
Written By Jonathan David Faulkner
Formerly Youth’s Truths & The Truth

Published as Youth’s Truths
Getting Involved at 
Your Church
Faith, Fear and Doubt
We Need Each Other: Friendship and Unity pt 1 11/14/2009
We Need Each Other: Friendship and Unity pt 2  12/12/2009
Starting Over, Welcome to 2010 1/16/2010
Love and Relationships 2/12/2010
The Night With the Grace Killers 3/11/2010
For the Sake of the Call 4/12/2010
The End is Not the End 5/17/2010
Introduction to Cults 9/18/2010 (Video)
Milieu Control 10/10/2010 (Video)
About Prayer 1/10/2011 (Video)
Unequal Depth in Worship 4/17/2011
The Building Blocks of Patience  5/14/2011
Published as The Truth
An Invitation to Suffering 9/19/2011
Praying through Suffering 11/5/2011
Hope Rising 11/12/2011
New Vision 1/7/2012
The Problem with Going Deep 2/4/2012
Why Love the Word 3/3/2012
The Word that Speaks 4/7/2012
Do Your Best 5/5/2012

College Commitment
Written by  Rev. David Faulkner

The first ever 10:31 Ministries/Love Sterling event picture posted as the profile picture on Facebook, designed by Lyssa Kaye Harper.

The Church You Need 9/26/2009
The Many Faiths of the Modern World 10/23/2009
The Way We Are 11/20/2009
Why is Unity So Hard 12/20/2009
No Secret 1/23/2010
The Wrong End of the Telescope 2/28/2010
What Fight For Grace 3/20/2010
Get A Job
Big Words 5/22/2010
The Living Soul 9/25/20010
Spirituality in a Vacumn 10/30/2010
Love’s Strong “No” 12/27/2010
A Few Thoughts on Following Jesus 1/28/2011
The Centrality of Life 2/26/2011
A Look Ahead and Why It’s Important 3/26/2011
The More Real World 4/23/2011
Winter Reading 9/25/2011

From our series on Grace

Does God Get What He Wants  10/22/2011
A Great Expectation 11/27/2011
The Fear of Symbols 1/1/2012
Hawthorne Vs. Christianity 1/21/2012
Playing With a Thunderstorm 2/11/2012
The Toughest Test  3/10/2012
Those Puzzled Athenians-And Us 4/14/2012
The Hard Words of Jesus 5/12/2012

A Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2:9)
Written by Angel Edwards

Devoured, Withered, Choked and…Alive? 1/21/2012
Called Beyond Societies Standards 3/17/2012
Mediocre Christianity 4/21/2012
Designed 5/21/2012

Let Your Light Shine Summer Journal
Written by Angel Edwards 

Journal 6/27/2012
Journal II 7/25/12


The Smile, The Face
By Amy Faulkner 

Human Trafficking 11/23/2009
Poverty in America 12/18/2010

Confessions of a College Freshmen

The 10:31 Leadership Team (from left to right) David Tank, Jonathan David Faulkner, Angel Edwards

Various Writers

Hi My name is Amy  9/14/2011 By Amy Faulkner
That 1 A.M Feeling 1/28/2012 By Amy Faulkner
On Buying Your Own Groceries and Other Things 3/31/2012 By Amy Faulkner
Respect Your Teachers 4/28/2012 b Amy Faulkner 




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