About Timothy Faulkner

My name is Timothy Ross Faulkner, and I am a freshman in college.  I was born in a hospital in Logan, Ohio, at around 7:00 on April 12, 1995.  Other than slamming my head against the coffee table while playing tag with my sister at the age of two, I had a fairly normal childhood; my parents took good care of me and my 3 older siblings and always managed to get food on the table.  We were low income pretty much our entire lives because when mom and dad finally did get full time jobs my two oldest siblings, Tierzah and Jonathan were starting college.
Anyway, in 2nd grade I was diagnosed with ADHD, something most people believe isn’t even real but I am convinced is, and put on Conserta, a very helpful medicine.  The next year in 3rd grade picture001I told my mom I had eye pains on occasion, that did not bode well for dad so I was taken to Children’s Hospital in Columbus.  There I was diagnosed with glaucoma, a hereditary eye disease in which a build-up of liquid puts pressure on the retina causing it to eventually snap, rendering the effected person blind.  After checking my pressure the doctors realized I would be blind and I was admitted to surgery either that same day or week, it has been so long I don’t remember.
That Christmas I had to wear an eye patch over my let eye because it was the eye that I had surgery on. I’ve had surgery close to 10 times now – all between 3rd and 8th grades. The final one in 8th grade was to put in a shunt, a small tube to drain the pressure into my brain cavity.  So for 9 years I have been to 6 eye doctors in 3 cities, Athens, Columbus, and Pittsburgh, and I have been taking several eye drops for all of those years.
High school for me was completely normal. I dated a few girls and had lots of awesome guy friends that helped me become the man I am today. If I were asked to describe the relationships I had with my friends I would have to say it is like David and Jonathan in the book of Samuel, especially with my friend Jon, who I have been friends with since pre-school.

My parents did an excellent job raising me, in my opinion, and I tell them pretty much everything.  Despite my eye trouble, I was able to get a full time driver’s license and I can do anything anybody else can, short of jumping on a trampoline.
So far college has been an adventure and a challenge.  In the short time I have been here I have met some wonderful new friends, been challenged by personal situations and people around me and I have become a better student through the new difficult academics.  I also have the gift of a wonderful new best friend named Kirsten.
Through all of this I have discovered two things.  One: God will not abandon us and will bless us and carry us through our difficult times.  Two: God will give you a talent and a job to do, you just need to find it.

Bio and picture coming soon.

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