About Jonathan David Faulkner

Hello, my name is Jonathan David Faulkner, Director and Founder of 10:31 life Ministries. I was born in Burlington, Iowa, on May 25, 1991, and have been a Christian now for almost eight years. Over the years, I have also become a decent musician playing Piano, Drums, Guitar, Clarinet and even singing in various choirs.

I am an alumni of Alexander High School (Go Spartans) where I was involved in Marching Band, Alexander Tone Definates, drama club and broadcasting. During High School I also worked as a Audio Visual Tech for Albany Baptist Church as well as a Game Time Co-Director and Handbook Leader for ABC’s AWANA program.

In 2008, I found I had a passion for writing, so in ’09 we opened 10:31 Ministries. As I’ve grown in my walk with Christ, especially over the last ten months, I have discovered God’s heart for people. My desire is to be led by God to train up spiritual leaders who are healthy, not abusive and who can fill the role of genuine, Bible and Christ centered leadership currently missing in the church.

I want to see Jesus Lifted High and see other grow in their walks with the Lord through Discipleship and a love and passion for Scripture and more importantly for the Lord.

Starting in June you’ll be able to read my personal blog right here on the 10:31 Life Website.

Available from Jonathan David FaulknerTake the LEad

Take the Lead

-Each Month Jonathan looks at biblical leadership in an attempt to answer the question “How Then Shall we Lead?”

You can also follow Jonathan’s adventure in Ministry as he grows and develops as a leader and as a Christian by following his internationally known blog God’s Heart for Those.


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Email: Jonathan@atlrocklive.com

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