About Rosemary Selking.

IMG_9842My name is Rosemary Selking. I am a junior at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska, where I am studying World and Intercultural Studies. It’s hard to say where I am originally from, though. When I was younger, my parents took part in a missionary training program called New Tribes Missions (or NTM). Because of this, my family moved around a lot – from Missouri, to Michigan, to Kentucky, and finally to Iowa, where my parents currently live. They never did become missionaries, but their passion for their faith and the experiences I had being an almost-missionary kid created in me a heart for missions.

God has worked in my life in so many ways. It seems so crazy and convoluted sometimes. I think He has a pretty good sense of humor. I think He wants to instill in us a sense of wonder – and I am in awe of how He brought me to where I am in my life. I have been given so many opportunities to grow in Him and share the reckless grace He gives.  I am still constantly growing. He has led my heart so many places, and I am excited Ro(and also a little bit nervous) to see where He will lead me in the future.

Rosemary will be writing the “Faith Like a Mustard Seed” Devotional.

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