About Alexandria Johnson

Hi my name is Alexandria Johnson!Bio Pic I grew up in Washington, Missouri, along the Missouri River. I met Christ on top of a mountain by a fence post in 2008 at the Young Life camp, Crooked Creek Ranch. I graduated from Washington High school in 2011, and it’s safe to say my life was music, color guard, and Jesus. I now attend Sterling College, in the small town of Sterling, Kansas, pursuing a ministry career with an emphasis in youth. The life God has blessed me with is a story of hope and encouragement. I’ve been given an array of struggles, triumphs, and experiences that God has given me to use to help and encourage others in their daily lives. I can’t help it. God made me an encourager. My greatest desire is to encourage others to live a life worthy of their calling; whether it is with a simple smile, or sharing in their joys and sorrows. My name is Alexandria Mycheal Broeker Johnson, and I am a beloved Daughter of Christ.   Alexandria’s Blog Dare to Believe!


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