About Hannah Kelling

Hey there, my name is Hannah Kelling (pronounced Hāh-nah), and I am a college freshman. That introduction rings in my ears as a half-scary, half-exciting initiation of the next phase of life, one which this 18-year old, small-town girl has yet to understand fully. Since my beginnings in the year 1994, I have lived in the town of Morrow, Ohio, which is home to two stoplights and the Little Miami school district.

Having graduated high school this year with Honors, I look back on my years in the district and see my involvement with a new perspective. I was a 6-year Varsity Track and Field participant, enjoyed the school choir for a dozen years and was a proud member of the All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir, joined the NHS, French Club, and found my way into the Worship Team at The Park Methodist Church during my senior year at Little Miami High School. I am a student, a poet, a writer, a runner, an artist, and a musician.

Yet, despite all this expression and self-development, I don’t believe I fully understand myself or the world I’ve been given to enjoy. Certainly, I have yet to define my spirituality in anything less than happily abstract terms. Despite the frustration this might bring on a rare occasion, I am delighted to know that so much remains to be discovered (what fun are answers? I’m a questions sort of gal) and I hope to accomplish some of these realizations throughout my publicized journey: “Confessions of a College Freshman”.

Besides healthy doses of friendship and fresh air, if I could choose one tool for the journey? Optimism. It has been a trusty New Year’s resolution since the year began and I look to stand by it for the year to come. Please enjoy the chance to know the steps of a college freshman; I am eager to get started.

Hannah’s Series:
The Road


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