Summer Cell

Cell June Recap

The 10:31 Summer Cell is designed to be a creative outlet for the 10:31 Writing Team outside of their regularly scheduled series and devotionals. The Summer Cell is also designed to be an introduction to new writers. See below for the full Writing List for Summer Cell

Summer Cell 2013 

IMPACT – Jonathan David Faulkner
Poetry Corner – Ashley Stanford
Reflections of a College Freshmen – Hannah Kelling
How to Pray – Josh Williams
College Commitment – Rev. David Faulkner
The Culture War – Bay Baker


June Recap:

“The Director’s Corner” – Thoughts on Five Years – Jonathan Faulkner
IMPACT: The Question – Jonathan Faulkner
The Poetry Corner: Carry the Cross to save the Lost – Ashley Stanford
Reflections of a College Freshmen: Flashback – Hannah Kelling
The Culture War: The Genuine Faith – Bay Baker
Living on a Prayer: Introduction – Josh Williams
“The Director’s Corner”: Building Godly Men – Jonathan Faulkner

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Jonathan David Faulkner, Pre-Parade Concert in front of Broadway Market of Sterling, Family Friendly Kids Safe, 1.00pm – start of the parade.

Concert Banner

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