About Josh Williams

538489_3400621331986_825469605_nBio:  I grew up in a Christian home with three younger siblings, my mom, and my dad.  Obviously with three boys in the family, we weren’t always in perfect harmony with everyone else, and my sister always tried to control everything even though she was the youngest.  We’ve gotten into several scuffles and wrestling matches, but we have never come to blows.  Siblings have fought, and they are going to fight, my family was no different.  My dad is one of my Christian heroes and mentors.  He is a licensed pastor in the Baptist church.  Both he and my mom spent the better part of the last seven years working in a group home, so we had to share them.  It’s not exactly fun to have to share your parents, but I got to where I was able to accept the fact that God had called them there, and I ended up fine with it.  About two years ago, for whatever reason, I decided to try something away from God.  I got as deep in sin as a young Christian guy can get without completely compromising my beliefs.  I still struggle with the effects and problems of that experience today.  Now I am doing more personal devotions, and I feel God’s hand more firmly on me.  I am getting to where I am able to start searching for God’s will for me.  It’s a journey that will take me the rest of my life.  I hope I’m up to it.

About my devotions:   A few weeks ago, God really started to bring my attention to the hurt and the pain of this life.  The shootings over the past few months, and the natural disasters are two examples of the ways God had done this.  It seems to me that we are living in a world that appears to be losing hope.  It pains me as a Christian, because I feel that we are not responding the way we must to really be the hands and feet of Jesus.  I want to offer hope in writing this devotion, and I hope that it reminds you of the hope that we have in Christ Jesus and the hope we have in going to Heaven one day.

One response to “About Josh Williams

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