Inspire the Fire

10:31:Life Ministries partner Inspire the Fire.

10:31:Life Ministries partner Inspire the Fire.

Inspire the Fire was founded by Amber Balvin in 2012. Amber is the Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Lyons Kansas and a Sophomore studying Youth Ministry at Sterling College. Amber’s passion for ministry and for the growth of young people has allowed her ministry to grow and flourish effectively over the last three months. Along with support from friend and 10:31 director and founder Jonathan Faulkner, Amber’s fiance Kevin has been a huge encouragement and support as well as active in helping to ensure Inspire the Fire’s growth. Inspire the Fire has been blessed with several different speakers and worship leaders including Jonathan Faulkner, Cameron Bartlett, Jared Reimer, Phillip Taylor and 10:31 Director of Media Angel Edwards. Amber would like to see the organization continue to grow and become a regular monthly conference for both College  and High School, a place where they can worship and grow in the faith, re-igniting a fire and passion for God.

Inspire the Fire is a college worship service put on by college students for college students. The purpose is to create a fire for God within people’s hearts!


Thursday May 9, 8pm
First Baptist Church, Lyons Kansas
Speaker: Amber Balvin
Worship: Mitchel

10:31 is a promotional and media partner of Inspire the Fire

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