About Angel Edwards

Hi Everyone!

My name is Angel Edwards. Once God opened my eyes my life changed dramatically. About a year after being saved I moved to Texas in order to attend a Christian internship called the Honor Academy. After graduating from the HA I moved back to Kansas to a small town called Sterling in order to attend Sterling College. I am currently in the process of completing a major in Biblical Studies (New Testament) and two minors in Christian Ministries and Communications.


I want to be prepared for what the Lord has laid upon my heart. I know He has called me to disciple women throughout the United States and Asia; leading women closer to Him where they will find their confidence. My deepest desire for others is for them to know God. When I say “know” God I don’t mean know theological standpoints and a lot of the Bible in our minds only. I mean you KNOW Him by encountering Him on a daily basis and by interacting with Him and learning what His heartbeat sounds like. The point where He becomes your all in all. Of course this is something that the Lord wants to teach us and grow us in. Life is all about living moment to moment for Him. Since I strongly believe that you can only lead someone as far in a relationship with the Lord as you yourself have been, it will require going deep. If you don’t know Him yourself then you can’t lead others to know Him. Overall I desire others to love and be loved by Him. Isn’t that the reason for it all anyway?


I am the Director of Media at 10:31 Life Ministries as well as a staff writer.You can find my public figure page on Facebook,
as well as follow me on Twitter: @Isaiah61angel


Also, you can see my personal blog: A Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2:9) (Archives)

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Also you can check out Angel’s Summer Series; Let Your Light Shine Summer Journal

One response to “About Angel Edwards

  1. my name is Angel Edwards Too !! lol it’s hard to picture someone else going by the name Angel edwards what’s your middle name? myn is joan!! same as my gramma’s name lol

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