Patience… It’s a Theme


Patience… It seems to be the topic of the year. It’s funny how God can use everyday situations to teach something that you never thought about in that way. The MLB postseason is winding down, there are only two teams left and my team just got knocked out. I’m from Missouri so it shouldn’t be too hard to know which team is mine. Baseball games on average are over 3 hours long. Some can go as long as 5 hours. As I was sitting watching one of their games on TV I made it through 5 or 6 innings, until the game went on commercial. So I decided to check another TV station. The game was going terrible, we were losing big. I’ll be honest, I was getting bored of my team doing absolutely nothing on offense, it was just a whole lot of nothing. I was on the other TV channel for not even 10 minutes, when I turn back to the game my team had blasted a homerun and everyone is going crazy. I had missed three runs in a matter of seconds and we had taken the lead. This happened to me the entire postseason. I would sit there and watch and nothing would happen until for five minutes when I would check another TV channel everything would break loose. When the game is over the sportscasters will show you the highlights; every good at bat, every homerun, every good pitch, and every good catch. You see the fans screaming on the top of their lungs or sit in their seats in disbelief. These highlights aren’t even a minute long, but those highlight capture a game that lasted over 3 hours. But do you know what there is a whole lot of in baseball? Nothing. Frankly it’s just watching nine grown men, watching one other grown man who is holding a big stick trying to hit a small ball and failing to hit it more than he does hit it. We are a highlight society, we don’t want to sit there for 3 hours and watch the entire game. Just give us the highlights after the game, every big moment. We ask God to do the same thing. We say, “God work in my life and take control.” And God says “okay.” But then when nothing happens, and we feel like nothing is going happen or ever will and we “change the channel” on our lives. When God doesn’t work on our time table, we have a tendency to speed stuff up ourselves. We end up changing the channel right before God starts working and we miss it. We just need to stay patient family. Right when you think nothing is going to happen, is when the walk off homerun happens.

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