Paint That Deck God


The summer task for my family was painting; we painted furniture, rooms, and the biggest project… the back deck. We have two levels to the back deck connected by stairs all made of wood and all needed to be painted. It took my parents weeks and weeks to paint. It wasn’t that they were painting slow it was just that there was so much to paint. This day in and day out of painting really made my dog distraught. Distraught isn’t even the right word, it drove him crazy. Whenever my parents would go out to paint they would bring him inside and he could just not understand why he couldn’t be out there. He would bark, whimper, howl at the moon, scratch at the door, and not stop until my parents would come back in. There’s no way you can explain to a dog the reasons he cannot be outside. He doesn’t know that this paint is smoothing out all the splinters that could get caught in him, or that the paint we put on the deck actually makes the wood stronger. I mean if he was to get into the paint, it would kill him. That the whole reason we bring him inside is to protect him.

But isn’t that how we are with God? God tells us that He has this plan, this plan made only for us and we want to see it NOW. God doesn’t show us His master plan, instead He ushers us inside while He paints the deck of our future. The whole time we sit there screaming, “GOD! WHAT YOU DOING OUT THERE?” “COME ON GOD, LET ME SEE! LET ME OUT.” If only we could comprehend the answer our Savior would give us. I can just see God going, “wait… just trust Me.” Right now God is smoothing over those splinters in your future. He is making the wood stronger. Just be patient, let God paint that deck.

Funny things is, Dogs are color blind. So every time we let him back out he would search around like, “okay guys what did you do out here.” He probably can’t tell the difference. He probably thinks my parents were out there doing nothing. I have a feeling that’s how we are going to be when God finally lets us on our decks.

“God…did you do anything out here.”

God: “Oh believe me, I did.”`

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