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2014-2015 Ministry year

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The Incorporation Process


STERLING KS: From the Desk of the Director

Dear Friends & Readers.

It is with great excitement that I announce the beginning of the 2014-2015 ministry year, also known as 10:31 VI. God has made this an interesting year for us as a ministry; we have had a lot of growth, added new writers, grown our reader base, added an outreach ministry in Waiting for Boaz, Running from Jezebel. But with all of this came with the tidings of dissolving back in December, we could not afford to pay what few bills we had. After nearly 5 years it looked as though Spring was going to be the end of our website and our ministry.

In May however things began to change. We paid for the website, and even paid to upgrade it. Jonathan Brutt came to us with proposed changes and so over the summer we shut down completely. Only running the WBRJ website as Jonathan upgraded 1031lifeministries.com. I began to look at everything we had and said “We can do this, only it is going to look a little different.” I have always promised change, mostly because I knew we needed to restructure and make some changes to our model and goals. So now, here we are, in the writing part of the Incorporation process. Writing up documents, updating documents, writing new documents, rewriting By-Laws, all the work that goes into the starting of a not-for-profit Corporation.

Since I owned the copyrights and the name, the website will continue to function as a magazine. More changes will be coming though, including a new location for 10;31 Life Ministries and chances for you to get involved by helping us financially to pay our directors and to continue to build and grow. Keep watching as we continue to unveil more information about the re-incorporation process in the days to come.

So it is with great honor that I introduce you to the line-up for the Fall Semester at 10:31 Life Ministries.

Full Ariticles.

Take the Lead: Jonathan David Faulkner (Gospel Stewardship) : 10:31 Big Four

College Commitment: David Faulkner: 10:31 Big Four

Full of Hope: Isaac Barnhart: 10:31 Big Four

10:31 Guest Writer – Various: 10:31 Big Four

Building On Tomorrow: Hannah Kelling

Tying in the Truth: Timothy Faulkner

Story of My Life – Evan Belk

Faith Like a Mustard Seed: Rosemary Selking (Devotional)

Nine Divine Truths: Josh Williams (Devotional)

Dare to Believe: Alexandria Johnson (Re-runs)

10:31 Directors Corner – 10:31 Director


10:31 Life Ministries will be moving to 212 N. 9th in Sterling Kansas.


Jonathan David Faulkner

10:31 Director


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