There Are Some Sights

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So as this school year wraps up and summer is almost here, I am going to give you guys some shorts stories that really happened to me throughout the year and my responses. Sometimes I have to go back and go…did that really happen?

There are some sights that creep you out. I was standing in line for food at the cafeteria and I look over to the line right beside me. There was a girl with long hair placing her order and a…gentleman…behind her was waiting. Very calmly and covertly the guy takes a nice, long sniff of the girls hair and as he is sniffing looks at me. When he sees I witnessed the whole scene that just place, a look of horror overtook his face. I still had the same look of disgust.

There are some sights you never want to see. Like waking up from a nap and opening the door to the hallway from your dorm room and seeing three janitors on your hall in gas masks. Spraying some sort of mist in the hallway.

Then there are things that make me look like a fool. I am always combining sentences or saying something that sounded great in my head but did not turn out like I planned. Here is one of many instances:

Me and some of my friends walk into a restaurant and the hostess ask if we had a preference where we would like to sit. At first I was just going to say “No” but then I thought that sounded harsh so I was going to say “Anywhere”. Neither word came out but instead I told the hostess, “Nowhere.” To which she said, “oh…”.

Next month I will continue on with my series, “Rose”.

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