Do You Have Regret? Don’t Worry, God’s Got Your Back!

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Reading: 1 Peter 5:7

It’s something that all of us face at some point or another.  It’s something that is uncomfortable for us to deal with.  Satan likes to strike us with it especially when we’re down.  It is a term that most people use sparingly.  It is something that causes us to think about the past, usually…no always, in a negative light.  Regret is not a word or feeling to take lightly.  Regret is a thought or memory that really makes you feel like scum and that you have messed up extremely badly.

Lately, a lot of stuff has been brought up from my past, and as a result I have really been down when I’m alone.  I am trying to hide it in front of other people, but it’s not working a full hundred percent.  I really feel like I completely screwed my life up just based off of one stupid, thoughtless moment.  I have had a hard time fully believing that God really does truly love me this past week.  It’s been a tough week.  I feel as if I have hit the bottom once again.  A positive side to this is that I don’t have a lot farther to fall before I really do hit rock bottom.  Honestly, I don’t feel qualified at this moment to be writing this devotional.  It’s supposed to be full of hope, and right now, all it sounds like is how regretful I feel, and how my life is ending because of it.  It’s unfortunate, but that is what is happening.

I was surfing the internet for verses that dealt with regret and the love and peace of God, and I happened across 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxieties on Him, for He cares for you.”  What an awesome verse!!  God cares for me.  Take a moment and think about that…  God, the Creator of the universe, the Almighty, cares for you.  He cares for me!!  I was absolutely mind-blown when I read this.  I was floored!  In Psalm 139:13 it reads, “For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”  I would not be here if it weren’t for God.  He is my creator!!  He is the person who made me and gave me breath and life and a reason to be here on the Earth!  And he cares for ME!!

In the first part of 1 Peter 5:7, it says to “cast all your anxieties on Him.”  I think the 2 key words in the verse are “cast” and “all.”  According to, cast means, “to throw off or away.”  It means to get rid of completely.  It means to completely, and utterly throw whatever it is away.  Also according to, all means, “the whole of.”  It means completely.  It means every part of.  It means encompassing the whole matter.  So this verse means to completely and utterly get rid of every, single part of your anxieties by throwing them on God.

Wait a minute.  This seems backwards.  We are supposed to completely get rid of everything that we worry about, and everything that causes us to draw away from our Creator, because he cares for us?  How is this even possible?  I know that if it were I and someone that I loved threw all their crap on me, then my love for that person would greatly diminish over enough time.  God just loves us so much that he is willing to take all of our crap, and he still loves us.  I am convinced that God’s love for us just grows over time and can never diminish.  That’s what being a Christian is all about, that is what love truly is.

Prayer:  Regret is a heavy topic to deal with.  Pray for people who are experiencing this horrible emotion.  Pray for the will to be able to fight through it.  Finally, pray for people to be able to rely on Jesus instead of being sucked into regret.

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