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10:31 Life Ministries Director to launch New Website April 7th 2014.


            Something new is coming from 10:31 Life Ministries founder and executive director Jonathan David Faulkner. Faulkner announced today that he had begun work a brand new website devoted to Relationships, Courtship and Living Single.

Faulkner stated that this new website will “Not take the place of God’s Heart for Those, but will be a new resource for single men and women, as well as those who are starting their journey into Courtship & Marriage.”

God’s Heart for Those will be returned to its original intent as a reflective blog about lessons learned in Ministry. Plans are to continue to release ministry lessons as well as Jon’s famous “Fired Up” series which focuses on issues within the church. God’s Heart for Those was established in 2011 while Jonathan was serving at Christ’s Body Ministries in Denver Colorado as an outlet to share experiences from his time serving in the Mile High City.


10:31 Life Ministries New & Notes Editor

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