Pieces of the Purpose

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Why am I, as an individual, here? It is a question that all of us have asked in the past and something that I cannot answer for you, as it took me a while to find what I believe is my purpose.  However, I can help you to see that the bad isn’t always bad.

The past four weeks since I got back to college haven’t exactly been the easiest.  Between emotions running high because of stress, problems in personal relationships, a friend’s uncle dying in a car accident, a huge workload from school, and my selfishness getting in the way, it hasn’t been too fun.  However, I realized that all of this happening at once was a good thing for so many reasons.

Like our father leads us and prepares us for adulthood by being a good example, God leads and prepares u, for his plan.  I realized this after most of the stress and depression had cleared. I realized that God was preparing me and molding me to be a better encourager and maybe even a better father someday.  He is guiding and molding me to be able to deal with so many things going on at once, which helped me to be less selfish and through that more positive.

So don’t be distraught by the bad but let it build you up and grow because of it.  God does allow evil to exist for a purpose.  However, we should not lose heart because of this evil.  Rather, we should use it as a tool to grow and as a sort of dumbbell to make us stronger in our faith and our relationships. If we stop living in fear and doubt because of the bad that happens, we can grow and be strong.  God works through everything and this is just one of many ways to interpret the things that happen to us, through his plan for our lives.

Use it also as a tool to grow in community and Christian unity.  In my Social Problems class we have been discussing that the decline in marriage, general life satisfaction, and religiosity has led to a lack of community.  So church, weep together, rejoice together, and encourage each other as we are told.  Share with one another and make it widely known that you are there to help in any way you can.  Why not rebuild a sense of community to decrease all of our other problems? Welcome each other with open arms in all situations, even those we don’t know.  Therefore find out your purpose in life and you may find the bad is preparing you for that purpose.  Never forget God doesn’t ever do anything halfway and he has an amazing plan for you.

This is my last article on our relationship with Our Heavenly Father for the time being, but there may be more to come.  Next month I will be moving on to politics for a time and be covering multiple topics in that area, including American greatness.

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