Watch God Work

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Have you ever been able to sit back and watch God work? One of the biggest blessings I have living in Sterling, Kansas is the youth group I get to work with every week. When I came here last year I became the 7th grade boys youth leader at a local church. We started out with 3 guys in the youth group. One year later I am still with the same kids and we have grown to over 20 guys. Over 20 young men that are on fire for the Lord, one night I gave my youth group a mission. I wanted them to bring a kid to church that had never been to church before. A kid raised his hand and said, “I know exactly who we can get to come.” He said his name and everyone agreed. I told them to ask if he wanted to come. The  next week as I walked into the church a kid in my youth group says, “Evan we got him to come!” I turn around and see a small boy sitting down with his arms crossed. I go up to him and tell him my name and how I was so excited that he was here. Youth Group went fine and after I asked if I could talk to him. We sit down in front of the church and he says, “Look, I am an atheist. There is nothing you can do to change that. I just don’t feel God.” I look at him and say, “You’re right, I won’t change that, but God can if you let Him.” I told him to come every Wednesday night for the rest of the semester. I said that we would talk the very last youth group before Christmas and see where he was at were at. Two days before my Christmas break we had a Lock-in for our youth group. My guys had been planning it all year. What video games we would play, what movies we would watch, and what food we would bring. I get to the church an hour before the kids to set up the projectors and put the soda in the fridge. As kids start to come one comes to me saying there is problem. He says, “Evan we have a problem, we were talking about the Lock-in at lunch and a kid who never has come to youth group wanted to come.” I said, “Well is he coming?” he looked sad and said, “yes, but it’s not fair, he hasn’t come to youth group one time this year.”  Before I could respond, I hear another kid go, “Hey now.” I look behind me and it was the kid who told me at the beginning of the year he was an Atheist. “If he comes tonight, and we as a youth group can lead him to Christ, I want him here.” I was shocked; I couldn’t speak. Later that night, we did worship for the kids, and I looked in awe as I watch the kid who three months earlier told me that God didn’t exist fall on his knees and raise his hands praising the one who made him. I fell to the floor, tears running from my eyes. My God changed his life.

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