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We are the Saints
We are the Children
We’ve been redeemed
We’ve been forgiven
We are the sons and the daughters of Our God” Third Day – “Children of God”

The most important relationship in our daily lives is our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  We can walk with him always and we can talk with him anytime, two of the most pivotal factors in building any relationship.  As Christians we know that we are called to walk with God, but what does that look like? I will also share my opinion of what talking to God can look like, and tie in the quote from the Third Day song at the beginning of the article.  Forgive me in advance if this article seems watered down or childish. We do need tough meat to chew but I was once taught that sometimes Christians need a refresher course on the basics.

The best way to walk with God is through obedience and deep study of the Bible.  Aristotle once said, “The greatest thing by far is to be a master of the metaphor.”  So here is a metaphor: my pastor several weeks ago had all of the lights in the church and lit a candle.  The level of darkness was amazing despite the light coming through the windows in the doors at the back of the church, and he could hardly see what was in front of him.  That is how we are through minimal study in God’s word, we are stumbling around tripping on chords from microphones in the dark.  However through careful study and the obedience we are called to have we can upgrade our candles to flashlights.  With the flashlight Pastor Denver could see almost everything in his path quite well.  He could look back and see where he had been. It is not bad to look back sometimes.  There was much less threat of being tripped up by something and I personally, from an audience member’s perspective, liked it more because he could see the edge of the stage.

Talking with God, our father in heaven.  Now, I do admit that the Creator of the universe and the Creator of us should be respected in the highest so I am not saying that you have to call him “daddy” or anything like that.  That being said, my favorite way of looking at talking to God is like this: he is essentially like our Dad.  Most of us, if we (sons and daughters) are blessed and fairly obedient, have a good healthy relationship with our fathers.  Obadiah from the radio show The Riot described it like this:  he and his dad can talk about anything, and they can hang out like pals.  If that is what you always wanted then God will give it to you, it is like you can go to his house and eat pizza and drink Gatorade together.  God, much like a father should, will love you and forgive you no matter what and will take pride in your achievements.

We are his children and He is our Father; He deserves all of the respect of the Father and this is my favorite metaphor for the relationship he wants with us.  There are, of course, hundreds of other characteristics and examples of ways to be drawn closer in your relationship with God, but these are my favorites.  So go hang out with your Father today through prayer, obedience and quality time in his word.  Take your candle and make it a flashlight so that you can start lighting the path for yourself and so that you are properly equipped to help others light theirs.

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