An Introduction

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                Humanity itself has always had multiple struggles and dealings that all of us can relate to or have been effected by in some way.  The four issues in question in this series are: sexuality, relationships, politics and history. Now, history is not so much an issue as it is just a question of noticing the influence of God.  These issues are all very important, they affect our daily lives constantly, through the church and state issue, through feelings and emotions and just how we perceive issues such as nature vs. nurture.  Now, these topics are somewhat unrelated, so why them? The simple answer: they are the biggest issues and, due to the fact that I am both a psychology and history major, they are the things I consider myself to be good at.

Relationships are one of, if not the most, important things in our human life and it is something that we are always dealing with, 24/7.  Now, the articles on this topic could deal with any type of relationship and are meant to be either taken as advice or open for criticism.  This section will cover my personal experiences and will have biblical examples when needed.  The article will conclude with advice on how to handle situations.

Sexuality is a very controversial issue today and it will be argued tactfully and as peacefully as possible.  These articles will be rare and will most likely be very scientific or not at all scientific, depending on the month and my mood when I write them. Either way, the opinions will be backed up by facts that I will site for people to check.  Now, be careful making certain assumptions here about what I am saying, read the whole article because I want to be as fair and unbiased as possible despite the fact that there is only one truth.

History is a discipline that I suppose one could say runs in the family.  My father is ABD in history and I recently decided to add it as a major.  One of the benefits of attending a Christian college is you are taught how to see what God is doing throughout history and how he is directing it. That is what these articles are going to point out, through the writings of Josephus and through multiple examples.  I will explore the time, culture, people, and thoughts of other historians, and occasionally a look at gender roles if it helps with understanding the issue.  I will explore why things happened the way they did and how they effected how things are today.

Politics is something that our society will never be able to keep God out of.  These articles will also cover many controversial topics and will be biased but both sides of the argument will be observed and respected.  Now, also I will look at why our society would want this decision made, again take this with a grain of salt.  I will try to demonstrate how this decision will affect us and what it will do as a whole.  Another point of discussion is why it is a problem here and not in other countries. This will deal with things like gun violence, church and state issues, and economic decisions.  The final points of these articles will be to explore the morality of the decision and how it affects the Christian community.  The articles will conclude with a brief look at how this represents the “church and state issue.” That being said, the conclusion will be ripe with controversy. This is one of the biggest issues facing us and it is the biggest threat to our community.

Some of the readers may be concerned by my age. This is a reasonable concern, seeing as I am the youngest writer, so here I must make a disclaimer.  Young people have opinions, something to say and a voice that needs to be heard, but as my dad so gracefully points out in his book, The Gospel According to Job, young people (in this case Elihu) can sometimes come across as a “pompous fool”, a phrase which does accurately describe me at times.  However, let us not forget what God has to say: “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12.  That being said, any questions, comments or concerns can be directly e-mailed to me at, I will do more fact checking, question myself, and ask for the opinion of older and more experienced people as one should.  I am willing to admit that I am wrong and will improve, grow, and check myself factually and theologically anytime I am asked.

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