The Innocence of Babies

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Reading: Matthew 18:3, Mark 10:15, 1 Corinthians 14:20

Babies are God’s blessing on this earth. They are extremely precious. They come in all forms – furry, human, beautiful, oddly shaped, ugly (in the case of birds), and so much more. When we first receive them into our family, they are the most important thing for a little while. We put everything into loving them and caring for them. It’s amazing that as parents or older siblings, you have someone or something else to care for besides yourself.
I believe that the biggest factor in why we humans are so intrigued by babies is that they are completely innocent. They have an innocence about them that we, as adults, can never get back, and so, we love them for having something that we can no longer have on this earth. It’s what makes us want to protect them in every way that we know. It’s what makes us squeal or exclaim happily when we see a puppy or a kitten. It’s the reason that we have a level of patience for them (at least for a little while) that we don’t ever even think about extending towards someone our own age. Especially with animals, it’s the reason that they love you unconditionally. It’s the craziest thing that something so small could be your entire life, could be the entire reason that you make your life meaningful and be the reason that you go to work.
Unfortunately, due to the sin and sickness in the world, all babies will grow out of that innocence. They will start to test your patience. Maybe something happens and they mess up. Some part of their innocence has just been erased. For humans, maybe they hear or see something at school that their parents didn’t want them to see. Or they think “How far can I push the rules here?” Animals will sometimes are seemingly purposefully trying to get on your nerves. They think that it’s a good idea to slobber all over you bed or scratch up the back of the couch or make extremely loud obnoxious noises in the middle of the night.
Eventually, our lives become so full of crap and sin that we realize that something is wrong. At this point, we try to figure out what the point of life is. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol or sex and pornography. Sadly, most people in their lifetime will struggle with one or all of these things. They are the devil’s traps that we seemingly willingly fall into without giving it a second thought until after we have done the deed. And then come the feelings. The feelings of hurt and self-loathing. Of pain and hopelessness.
Then someone, a Christian – ech, presents his case to us. How a loving God sacrificed his son to give you eternal life, but somehow, the kid isn’t dead, he came back from the dead – that’s kinda freaky. But the best part? He wants to extend that gift to you also, and through that you can somehow get rid of the pain and the sorrow of this life and start living again!! So, you decide to take the plunge and become one of those Christians. And it’s, true you do have someone to always lean on. Someone that you can relate to based on the stories that you start reading about in the Bible. But the most awesome part of the entire experience is that in Heaven, we can regain our innocence. We become completely restored and perfect. It’s the hope that I cling to every day, and it’s the reason that I live.

Prayer: Pray that God will show himself in the unjust situations of the world. Pray that God will protect all the children and animals that are being abused. Pray for those babies that have had their innocence taken away way too soon. Pray for everyone that God will somehow show himself to the unbelievers and that they can’t come up with a reason in which to deny Jesus and the Gospel message.

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