He Died For Us


He died for us but we still claim it’s hard for us.
This world is nothing but just vs the unjust.
But in light of his might some of us still refuse to fight for what’s right.

Yes I said it boldly it was proclaimed now are you ashamed that the man that died for you is the same man you lied to and he is the one you cried to when things aren’t going well and you swell

up with anger when he doesn’t answer your prayer and you swear that you deserve a blessing.
But what you really need is a lesson on how prayer works and the devil lurks to destroy.
But let’s be truthful the truth is what you avoid. Gods love is the only love that can fill that void.
You only seem to be overjoyed when God is Blessing you it’s when he’s quiet that when he’s messing with you.
But aren’t all your teachers quiet when they are testing you?

By Ashley Stanford 

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