The Poetry Corner with Ashley Stanford


They spit on the son of God that loved us so much that he died for us
feet tied hands tied there he lyed and on that cross his flesh died.
When it should of been us because it was our sins and our lust that disowned Gods trust.

We must of been surprised that in three days the son of God opened his eyes.
It was written in the mies that son of God that dies will once again rise.
After the resurrection the people cheered because the check cleared.
We are no longer in debt to sin even though we continue to sin again and again God forgives us because he is just his love endureths throughout the years.
To him is where you can lay all your fears.
He will wipe away every tear so open your heart and listen with your ears
to all God has to say and let it stay that way.
So that you may live for countless years.

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