The Directors Corner – Thoughts on Five Years

Director's Corner

Thoughts on the start of Five Years.

 5 Years

Five years, we are entering five years. What started as a youth oriented ministry has become something so much more. What was supposed to be shut down because we didn’t have the people to keep it going has become a full-fledged ministry. God has certainly taken what was small and helped it to grow, though we are still small, we are growing, and that’s the Lord. We have come up with a philosophy, we have stood up against heresy and misuse of scripture and God has blessed us for loving the truth. This isn’t a boast in us but a boast in God and what He has done.

This past year has probably been the most fun, the people I have had a chance to work alongside and mentor, they have been a huge blessing for all of us. It’s interesting who God sends you and when, remember in December of 2011 I was considering shutting down this organization. We had 3 writers plus myself and a guy producing videos, that was it, we weren’t growing. But now, here we are, as we have been transformed by Christ, Christ has transformed our ministry. He sent David Tank to develop the website, and Angel Edwards to begin to develop our media department. He sent Alexandria to help us organize and structure our leadership hierarchy. He sent Jared to write for us, Sarah to write devotionals, so many others to encourage and write and grow. We have made a global impact, only by the grace of God.

I think that it is something that God does, when His people seek to serve and bring glory to him. He decides to bless us with His grace. Like the message of Sherwood Pictures Facing the Giants, those who seek to glorify Him will have His blessings follow after Him.

But this has been a growing time as well. We have learned who we want to be a part of our ministry and who would be destructive. We have made mistakes, we have tried to make amends. But we are learning and we are growing and hopefully training a generation of leaders to do the same. We know that we are doing this only by the power of Christ who dwells within us.

So what do I think of Five years? I think we are just getting started, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do next. So continue to join us for our fifth year at 10:31 Life Ministries. Here we are, God use us for your glory.

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