Summer Cell Line-up Announced.

Summer Cell



10:31 Life Ministries Announces Summer Cell Lineup, Adds new Writers


Saying goodbye to old friends


10:31’s Jonathan Faulkner announces first of summer shows .


Good news, 10;31 Life Ministries Summer Cell, which has been delayed due to technological issues will be kicking off on June 9, 2013. June 9th also starts the fifth ministry year for 10:31 Life Ministries which was started by in 2009. The summer Cell lineup includes new writer Ashley Stanford as well as returning writers such as 10:31 Writer Josh Williams, 10:31 Director Jonathan Faulkner, the return of Bay Baker’s Culture War as well as Rev. David Faulkner’s College Commitment. Topics will vary from encouragement to spiritual formation to poetry. The Full Summer Cell lineup can be seen below.

With summer Cell our newest addition to the writing tam. We are excited to have We Care Foundation Founder Ashley Stanford joining our team. Her poetry corner will be something new and unique here at 10:31 and promises to be interesting..

Finally 10:31 is saying goodbye to former 10:31 Director of marketing David Tank and his fiance Sarah Slifer. David has served at 10:31 both as a member of the leadership team and writing team and has been instrumental in the establishment of Sarah has served faithfully  as the writer of 10:31 Life Ministries Faith  Like a Mustard Seed devotional. Both have been valuable members of 10:31’s writing team and we wish them well as they begin planning their wedding.

10:31 director Jonathan Faulkner has announced the first of his summer shows. He will be performing a pre-parade concert on July 4th outside of Broadway Market. This may be the largest show of the year.


Summer Cell 2013 

IMPACT – Jonathan David Faulkner
Poetry Corner – Ashley Stanford
Reflections of a College Freshmen – Hannah Kelling
How to Pray – Josh Williams
College Commitment – Rev. David Faulkner
The Culture War – Bay Baker


Event Update 

Broadway Market Presents Jonathan David Faulkner

Pre-Parade Concert, July 4th 2013, 12-1pm outside Broadway Market. 

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