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Reading: Acts 1:6-11, Revelation 22:12-16

The end of another school year is here.  In a few short days or weeks, students (high school and college) will be starting their summer jobs.  It’s a time of saying good-bye, and a time of going back to family for a little while.  It’s a time of maybe starting something new, or meeting new people, like going to work at a sports camp or a church camp.

Good-byes are never fun if you love the person who is leaving for a little bit.  You never know 100% that you will see them again.  Sure, they probably won’t actually be out of your physical life forever, but there is still that morbid possibility.  Good-byes can be one of the saddest things that we as humans face.  The disciples certainly thought so.  When Jesus was crucified, they were scared for their life and were extremely sad.  Not only was their friend and teacher killed in the most brutal way possible, but they could be next…

Can you imagine their joy when Jesus appeared to them again and spent 40 more days with them before he ascended into Heaven?  Can you imagine having someone, who you saw murdered, stand right beside you and tell you that he’s going to leave again, but that he would be back, and then suddenly disappear?  What must that have been like?

In Revelation 22, as John is wrapping up, some of the last recorded words of Jesus are, “Look, I am coming quickly” (HCSB, 22:12).  The disciples said good-bye to Jesus 2 times that seemed impossible for him to be able to come back.  As Christians, even though we say good-bye to all of the new and old friends that we have met and/or furthered relationships with, we can have full assurance that we will see those people again, no matter what happens during the summer.  But even more than that, we have full confidence that we will one day see Jesus with our own eyes and not just with our hearts, minds, and souls.  Praise God that he loved us enough to allow us this one way out of eternal damnation, and suffering, and instead allows us a place of paradise with Him forever.

Prayer:  Pray for the kids that don’t have someone who cares enough about them to be able to put food on the table.  This is so much more of a problem during the summer.  Pray for your classmates or coworkers who are traveling over the summer that they would be safe.  Pray for those students that are just starting on their own this summer – those students that are just starting to have to pay for their own house and food and bills.  Pray for all the weddings taking place this summer, that they would be done in God’s name, and that they would last for the rest of the bride and groom’s physical life.

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