Almost Finished

Confessions 2

Wow freshman year is almost over. I read my past post and had to laugh at myself. I am embarrassing… As I look back I see how much I have grown. I see how God is present in my life. God has blessed me with this college. All the friends I have made. I left some guys I call my brothers back home and came to Sterling only knowing one person. I leave to go back home with so many new friends and stories. There have been so many late nights of just laughter and having fun. It was fellowship. God provided in every which way. God has taught me some very valuable lessons in college. Like TIME MANAGEMENT. That first week of school you do not have any homework and you think “man college is easy”. Then you go away on basketball road trips and practice. Then you also have the all-important nap time. You then find yourself panicking because it feels like everything comes down at once. The thing I have found out is you go to your roots when you are under pressure. You go to what is most comfortable. In all circumstances that I was under pressure and felt the weight on my shoulders I went back to God. My family taught me to lean on Christ and not my own understanding. Some people go to drinking when they are stressed or other relievers. The thing is…all of those relievers are temporary. Christ relief is forever if we let it. Christ wants to walk through this pressure with us. So with Christ at our side…how in the world could we be stressed? Because if you look at the big picture…what is there truly to worry about…I read the end of the book…we win.

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