This Current Crisis


The Culture War – By Bay Baker

This current crisis is a call to sober silence. Even as I write these thoughts, my cursor often falls idle and comes to a flickering halt. There is no way to describe the turmoil our country is in at this moment; but why do we struggle so? Why are we so lacking for words?

We’ve forgotten how to love.

I’m not talking about murderers and thieves; I’m talking about you and me. When was the last time you really wished for the best in another person’s life? Do you deeply feel a call to prayer for your friends or colleagues? Do you pray out of duty? I’m not pointing fingers – I’ve done it, too… we all have. We don’t know how to love because we expect love to come to us before we can love other people. That’s not the way to make love grow. God-driven love for others breeds more and more love… but we so often allow seedlings of that love to be squelched under the heat of disapproval, jealousy, anger, and annoyance. But that’s not the way to make love grow.

We’ve misplaced our priorities.

People are hurting. Families are suffering. But is my schedule more important than reaching out, than giving an encouraging word, or than lifting those needy people up in prayer to the Most High God? Do I turn aside while lonely people cry in the darkness? Do I pretend it isn’t happening? My little life doesn’t count if it’s not there to be taken over and sacrificed in service to the needs of other people. Blotch out my calendar! Rip up my plans! Shatter my dreams of fame and success if I have no heart. Do little children have dreams? Do their parents have plans? Yet they awake to find that their plans have been torn to shreds in a second. In a blink, evil has stolen the dreams of the hopeful and pillaged the lives of the helpless.

We’ve walked away from God.

Why am I not more disturbed by the ways of this world? Why am I not more disgusted by the evil that lurks in my own wayward soul? It’s that same foul demon buried within me that, if allowed to fall, would be yet another source of the hurt and pain we see on our screens. If I fall away from the Giver of the Good, I am doomed. If you don’t believe that, you’re fooling yourself. We must all come to a realization that goodness does not come solely from within; if it did, we would all be okay. We wouldn’t need each other. We wouldn’t hate the success of others. We wouldn’t strive to reach the top of the heap. We wouldn’t need to learn to be polite and kind; it would come naturally. Are you paying attention? Do you hear the little whisper in your soul that cries out for something more than yourself, more than your schedule, more than this short life? Don’t you see? Every tear that falls from your eyes is a fading symbol of your need and my need — and the need of every human being in existence. We need love; not the red-hearts-and-quirky-love-song-and-fuzzy-warm-feelings kind of love. We need a jubilant, angry, passionate, multilayered, transparent, sorrowful, sparkling, fiery, penetrating, multifaceted, afflicted, joyous, fervent, complicated, earnest, straightforward, and abundant love.

God’s love is all these things and more. God Imageis anything but indifferent when it comes to His children. When we love, we must love jubilantly, earnestly, abundantly, and passionately – asking for God’s revisions and corrections along the way.

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