Becoming New Again

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By Angel Edwards

Becoming New Again

There are times in our lives when the Lord is knocking on our hearts, whispering in our ears for us to wake up, yet we are unaware of what He is doing because our hearts have turned away from Him. I always thought that if I ever lost sight of God I would recognize it immediately and be able to turn back.

Within the past eight months, however, I have slowly been walking away from my relationship with God deceived in thinking I was just as close to Him as before. I have felt something missing lately in my heart and in my spirit. I knew this was the Lord telling me that I wasn’t in the same loving relationship with Him as I was before. Something was missing and until yesterday I didn’t really grasp what that was. I have been racking my mind on what I need to do to get my relationship back to where it was with Him but I forgot something very important along the way. I stopped surrendering my life to Him.

I share this with you because I am truly learning that without surrendering everything to God it is easy to live our own lives while simply going through the motions. It can be easy to get in the word, memorize scripture, attend Bible studies, and still not connect with Him. I want you to know that God has the ultimate plan for you and in order to know His plan we must seek Him fully. I willfully started to live out parts of my “old life” and tried to mix it with my “new life”. I did not see the problem at the time…but now I am seeing why I have felt like something was missing. Our old life died with Jesus on the cross and our new life came with His resurrection. These two lives can never mix. Sure, there will be old habits and emotions that come up but the Lord wants to sanctify us. He has called us to a higher standard.

I have recently been thinking about 2 Corinthians 12:9 that states: “ ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” There comes times in our lives when we have to lay down and surrender the things that we hold onto. Often times we hold onto things in our life because it brings us security but God wants to be our security. He desires to be our protector. We don’t have to be strong in ourselves. He calls us to surrender things in our lives because He knows it will separate us from Him.

J. Wilbur Chapman, an evangelist from the early 1900‘s, once said, “Anything that dims the vision of Christ in your life in sin.”  This sounds intense but isn’t it true? If we are distracted by other things then our attention can’t be on Him. Isn’t He worthy to receive all of us? I have started asking myself this as a reminder of who He is. Isn’t He worth more than anything I have to give up?

I challenge you to examine your life. Ask God if there is anything interfering with your relationship. Remember His grace is sufficient. Although it can be extremely difficult to give up things for God He is faithful to fill us with the right things.  We seek other things in order to fill voids in our hearts but wholeness can only be found in Him.

You are A CHOSEN GENERATION: Set-Apart for His Glory

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