Proverbs 27:1

Confessions 2

Most of my articles have been upbeat….I want whoever reads my post to have leave with a smile on their face and laugh at the embarrassing things that happen to me, but I also hope that some of my stories leave the reader thinking. I want to warn you that this story is not as light-hearted as my others…but has a lesson we all need to hear desperately. I hope this article leaves you in thought…that is my prayer….

“Alright, well that is the end of the lesson! Everyone have a safe break!” Uproar came out of Thompson B103. Spring Break is finally here. I pack my books into my backpack and race to my dorm. Everyone on campus was packing their cars and leaving. I got the occasional honk from a passing car and wave goodbye. People were headed to California…Texas…and Florida among other places…but for me…Road trip with my roommate ending with a week in my hometown. I could not get to my room fast enough. I was ready to pack and get home. I was ready to see my hometown again…to see my house…and be greeted by my crazy dog, followed by my sister, but most of all see my parents again. Phone calls just don’t do it justice. I was ready to talk to them in person. To sit and laugh and watch TV as we were discussing whatever topic we were on. I had to stop day dreaming and keep packing. Thirty minutes later I was packed and everything was loaded in the car. I was going back to the room to lock everything up and make sure no lights were on. Everything’s good. Door is now locked and out the door we….my phone rings…its Eli. Eli is a kid in my youth group. I work for a church and run a 7th grade youth group. We have 18 7th grade guys. “Hey bud what’s up?” “…..” I waited for a response but got none. “Eli?” Finally I hear a response in a soft voice “Evan?” I say, “Hey man what’s up” there was more silence until I heard words no 13 year old should ever have to say… “Evan…my dad died this morning” I was in complete shock…I didn’t know how to respond I was speechless. “Eli what happened?” He said that he left for school and a couple minutes after he left his dad suffered a major heart attack and passed away. I drove to his house and picked him up to get him out of the house for a bit. On my way to his house I pick up his best friend. As I walk out to his front door he comes out. I take him and embrace him in a hug…this is where no words need to be spoken….just knowing someone is there for you says more than any words ever could. I take him to the local store and we get something to eat. As we sat there I focused on him. We didn’t say a word…He was in shock…He could barely walk. I finally broke the silence… “What’s going through your mind bud?” there was a long silence then he said… “He was just here this morning…”

How many times do we overlook the people we love? How many times do we take for granted the people we love? How many times do we get caught up in life? How many times do we hang up the phone with someone dear to us without saying we love them or leave in anger? Proverbs 27:1 “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” We are so lucky to have the people we do in our lives…but do they know just how important they are to you?

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