10:31 Announces Partnership

10:31 to Partner with local Ministry; Inspire the Fir 

Evan Balk & Hannah Kelling to return for 13-14 Ministry Year


            10:31 Life Ministries is excited to announce that we will be partnering with Amber Balvin and Kevin Burgess as a promotional and ministry partner for the upcoming year. Inspire the Fire is a unique event that brings High School and College students together for a night of worship and teaching. Inspire the Fire was started by Amber Balvin the Youth Pastor at 1st Baptist Church in Lyons where the event is held once a month. The next event will take place on March 22 and will feature 10:31 Media director Angel Edwards as the keynote speaker and 10:31 director Jonathan Faulkner doing special music. Worship will be led by Cameron and Matt who joined Jon for his recent Feb. 23 concert.

“I’m really excited about this” Amber said of the partnership after the March 3rd meeting. 10:31 will be providing promotional and technical support in areas such as social media, building promotional material though 10:31’s new Media Department and doing outreach to local organizations and churches. “The goal is to assist Amber in growing her ministry, she has a great idea and it’s something we’d like to see grow” said 10:31 director Jonathan Faulkner.

In return 10:31 will start setting up a table outside of the sanctuary the night of Inspire the Fire and also begin publishing a hardcopy magazine of all 10:31 articles for the previous month.

There was also great excitement at the decision by Evan Belk and Hannah Kelling (Confessions of a college freshmen 1&2), to return to the 10:31 Life Ministry Writing team for the 2013-2014 ministry year. “They’ve been a huge part of this ministry and our growth in the past year and I’m excited to be having them recommit”

10:31 Leadership Team
Jonathan Faulkner
Angel Edwards

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