Kansas and Snow…

Confessions 2

Kansas….that is all I can say….Kansas…I am writing this article with six or so inches of snow on the ground already and a predicted eight to fourteen on the way in a couple hours. Okay I get it we get out of school, but seriously Sterling College what are going to do on our “free day”? It is not like we have hills to sled on like where I am from (and the so called “sled of death” the football team made by covering all the steps of the stadium with ice and ending it with a huge ramp that sends you sailing into the football field….I’ll pass) and the only other hill…that leads straight into Sterling Lake…nah. Our cars are snowed in…and even if you got out…where exactly would you go in Sterling besides the local gas station? I mean it is even an adventure to get to the gym to work out without slipping and falling on the ice. So sit in the dorm or cafeteria it is. There is one lesson that I do get from snow that I am reminded of every time it does snow. You look outside in the morning and see all the white snow covering the whole ground. There are no imperfections. It is all smooth and is downright beautiful. You look outside again at evening and you see footsteps everywhere. You see the aftermath of a school wide snowball fight. All the snow is crushed down or began to melt. It looks awful and even kind of gross, but then that second snow comes in the night and covers the first snow and you wake up in the morning and it is like that first day never even happened and it is back to being beautiful again. You see our lives are like that snow, and sin comes and destroys it, leaves it with footprints and imperfections that remind us of the sin in our lives. Leaves us feeling awful, but Christ is like that second snow…that gently fills the footprints that sin has left in us and we are made whole again because of the gift of Christ forgiveness and leaves us like sin has never touched us.

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