To The God Who Saves


By Bay Baker

The Lord has a way of making everything new and glorious. How exciting and wonderful it is to know God Almighty and to enjoy all His creation! Every time I have the amazing opportunity to see God’s creation in nature, I’m amazed and excited by it! There is such truth in nature; so many life-lessons can be learned through the observation of animals. Sometimes, as I workout, I watch a host of nature documentaries on Netflix. These incredible windows into life make me praise my Creator like never before. I’ve begun writing a series of psalm-like sections. This is a snippet of what bubbles up inside every time I watch a nature documentary:

There is much to learn from what You’ve made, O God!
Though evil strikes this world,
You reward all those who do good.
You look on those who love what’s right!

Your creation amazes me; Your artistry
is more marvelous than anything else I see.
Though small creatures die in wildfire,
You, God, love life.
When the condors feed on shark-wounded sea-lions,
it is you who closes the wounds of the faithful.

You see every life that ends;
You see every life that begins.

When birds steal food from young otters,
it is a lesson for the merciful.
When hawks hunt for the meat of a baby coyote,
it is You who mourns such cruel injustice;
for You knit together each one.

As the mother seal longs for her baby’s safety,
So I long for protection from every deception.
O God, let not the wicked cast their nets near my nest;
Let not the hateful loot my peaceful dwelling place.

My only desire is to follow You, O God -!
Lead me wherever You will.

You formed the banana slug and the sea urchin;
You molded the tentacles of the octopus
and the squid.

Man cannot search the depths of Your majestic creation!
The more we find, the more we marvel.
The beauty of Your works exceeds even the most marvelous
of what man has made.
And yet, man is your likeness: the most complex of all!

When I observe the way of the seal in the sea as it
glides through the water as fine silk, I’m awestruck…
God, how I marvel!

Your artistry is too amazing for me.

Praise Him, you mother of baby hawk;
Praise the Lord for His protection.

Praise Him, you cougar who finds food;
Praise the Lord for His providence.

Praise Him, you worker who gains wealth;
Praise the Lord, for He has blessed your hard work.

Though we search high and low,
Though we search far and wide;
There is nothing that will keep us from praising Him.
No one can quiet our shouts of praise!

I will sing of Your love on the highest tower,
on the most treacherous cliff, I will spread Your glory!

For You, God, are the only one who gives life.
You, God, are the only one who comforts me in affliction.

Though goodness and mercy evades me,
Your love never fails.
Though every living being turns away from me,
You always pull me close.

When I follow Your leading,
I’m always fulfilled.
When I answer Your call,
You always provide everything I need.

Search me, God!
Give me the eyes with which you see this world.
Mold me, O Lord!
Take my heart and make it Yours.

Praise Him, all you who are alive;
Praise the Lord, for even life itself
comes from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Praise Him! Praise God above!

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