Just My Luck

My alarm goes off at 9:00 on my first day back at Sterling. First day of Interterm, Interterm is where you take one class every day for three hours for three weeks. My class starts at noon so I decided to get up around 9 to check the website to see what books I needed. I click on the link that takes me to my course description. My calm demeanor suddenly turns to panic…to my horror the first thing I read was “Your class time has been changed to 8:30 AM and the location has also changed also.” I throw the covers off my bed and put on the first clothes I could take off the hanger. I was in such a panic I could not find shoes so I put on my house shoes. I sprint out of my room and down the hall when it dawned on me….where exactly am I running too? It didn’t give me the room number of my class. I sprint to the Registration Office to try to explain why I am in house shoes, shorts and a sweater; and for them to give me the room number of my class. Now the reason I am running is because of the words of my coach the night before “you miss one minute of your interterm class…you fail.” Each day is equal to a week and a half of a regular semester. They tell me it is in room TM103. I run to Thompson Hall where TM103 is located. I find the room….it is the largest class room Sterling College has…it can fit around 150 students and it is packed. I take one last breath as I get the courage to walk into the class room. I take one step in and try to act normal. “Well looks like we have a late sleeper ladies and gentlemen.” Great the professor spotted me. “Sorry I didn’t know the class time changed and the website didn’t tell me where you guys moved too.” “Give me your name son, and major.” “Evan, and youth ministry” There was a long pause…he looked at me with a puzzled look and said “What is a youth ministry major doing in Advanced Business Economics?” “….this isn’t New Testament?” The uproar of laughs gave me the information I needed…this was not New Testament and that was not a joke. The professor put his arm around me and feeling bad for me led me to the small room that WAS NOT room TM103. He introduced me to the Professor teaching New Testament and after I told the Professor what happened, he laughed and told me I was fine and just take a seat. I start to laugh to myself and I think “that was just my luck”. Right when everything got quiet and the professor starts teaching my alarm on my phone goes off full blast…and everyone turns around to look at me….I forgot to turn off my 9:30 alarm.

3 responses to “Just My Luck

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