Jesus Calling

God has been stirring my heart. He has been calling me to a new closeness to Himself; a closeness that I have never felt before. This experience began with this revelation: all the world’s problems are the result of ungodly mindsets. While I have always known this, there is quite a difference between knowing something in the head and knowing it in the heart and soul. In the last few weeks, God called me to a heart-knowledge of Him that is deeper than even the strongest and most devoted head-knowledge I’ve ever had of Him and His calling on my life.
Through this deepening, God has given me a renewed hunger for His wisdom in all things. When a person has been “saved” for a long time, sometimes he or she loses sight of that hunger and begins to wilt, spiritually; and sometimes only that person can see the wilting. All people who are not actively hungering for continued growth in God are wilting in some way, whether they see it or not. God showed me my own “wilting” in several ways; and often, Christians who seem to be very close to God because of the success He’s given them and the joy He’s put in their lives… those Christians are wilting. It may not obviously show, but they are wilting.
When God pressed down His hand on my life in the last few weeks, I was made to give up everything that was keeping me from listening to Him. It was a delightfully painful experience. My soul gave up its grasp on those things, offering them to God and asking Him to re-focus my heart solely on Him. I believe modern Christians put much too much focus on being accepted as worldly. We often don’t want to be the odd ones; so we listen to music that is questionable, watch movies as long as we can justify our watching them, and have an undue love for the loves of the world — all in an attempt to avoid being called “too Christian.” Yet, if we really had the heart to glorify God with all we had, we wouldn’t want anything to do with things that were not bringing us yet closer to Him and the illumination of His will.

God, through His purification of my mindset and utter purging of me of everything that does not bear His love to the world – my lack of love toward others, my selfish enjoyment of success at the exclusion of considering His ultimate will and purpose, and my prideful focus on my plans of accomplishment rather than His, to name a few – has renewed my eyes to a clearer, more godly view of what beauty is. We spend all this time yearning for, dreaming about, and making steps toward what we believe to be beautiful or perfect or the ultimate mark of success; and what do we find?
We find that we can’t possibly make anything truly beautiful. True beauty in art, music, literature, economics, and anything else with which we involve ourselves on this earth, cannot be attained without an all-encompassing focus on our true relationship to our Heavenly Father and the beauty of His love for us. When we come to the realization that we were made solely for Him and He made this world for us, there is nothing left but to joyfully and delightedly commit every tiny detail of our lives to the glorification of Christ, our Redeemer. Nothing else matters… and, what’s more: when we see a work or an individual lacking this over-arching purpose, we are grieved. We want them to “taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34:8) and that everything we do should be for Him; and not just theoretically or intellectually – but emotionally, personally, and spiritually. Allow the Lord to renew you; though it may be painful to be purged of your idolatry of the world – however miniscule it may be – the drawing near to God that results from it brings about a joy unquenchable, a newness in Him that is unstoppable.

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