A World Without Christ

A World without Christ


            Last week a group called The Atheist Club unveiled a sign on Broadway that boldly proclaimed “Christmas, keep the merry, drop the myth.” My mother found it disgusting, and I do too but the point of this article is not to attack the Atheist club for their sign. We live in a country that acknowledges free speech, if I can’t put up signs that say “Christ is the reason for the season” then why can’t the Atheists, sure it’s offensive but the world should be offensive to us, we are after all told that we shouldn’t love the world, but again this isn’t what I want to comment on.

What I want to talk about is of more of a tragic and saddening nature. Not 24 hours after this sign was unveiled a man decided to walk into a elementary school and killed 27 people including himself. The whole nation sat in shock as we listened for updates from the news channels coming out of Newborn CT. We all felt the sting of the loss of life and for some, ultimately the loss of hope.

Look, I don’t care if you’re an atheist a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a gun nut, a democrat or a republican. The problem isn’t in your politics, it isn’t with your neighbor who happens to be a hunter, the problem isn’t the sign hanging on Broadway. The problem is our own depravity and the attitude that sign so loudly proclaims “Drop the myth.”

A good friend of mine once told me that though he was an Atheist he got his moral code from the bible. He acknowledged that the things that Christ and Paul said should be the basis for morals, he’s an Atheist and he acknowledged that.  A Famous British reporter who is also a confirmed Atheist said after a trip to Africa that what the “African nations needed was God, and not just any God but the God of the Christian people.”His reasoning, “The Christian God offers hope.”

And that’s what we need folks, is hope and hope is something that Jesus death on the cross offers us. But not just that, we are also offered love. In the next few weeks the truth is going to come out, there is going to be political arguments over gun control, people are going to be bitter and angry and fight with one another but as Christians we must keep in mind the good news. The good news is what will save us from this, only by coming to the Christ of the cross can we make it through this dark time in our nation.

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