The worst week of college…is finals week. Hours upon hours studying in the library. For athletes the only rest you get is practice and sleeping at night. The rest of the time….you spend studying. Finals week is the only week where things that never in your life would distract you, all of a sudden distract you. I would find myself studying then all of a sudden I was admiring the woodwork on the table legs (and it was not that impressive to begin with). It is like all of us get ADD for the one week we most desperately do not need ADD. My roommates and I all had different ways of studying. The first method: “Study Date”. Find a girl in your class and help her study by going to the library and not studying at all. Then come back to the room when the library closed at midnight and freak out about how you wasted a night we had to study and end up studying all night for the test. Then there is the “Eh Who Needs Studying” method. Take the week we had off before finals to sleep during the day and hang with your buddies at night because “hey you already know this stuff.” Then go to your final and the look of horror when the history test looked like it was written in Greek and the next thing you hear is a distraught young man saying, “All essay? Where’s the multiple choice?” Then there is the “Study Then Break” method. Study for 45 minutes, and then take a 15 minute break. Which does not work either because by the end of the night; you are studying for five minutes and playing Xbox with your roommates for 55 minutes. Now none of these methods are the best but hey…all of us passed….we think.

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