A Joyful Conflict

The struggles of everyday life often bring a conflict of our will and God’s will for our lives. We fight for control of our desires and plans, but we often feel empty and lacking of purpose; all because we desire our own way for the longest of times, refusing to seek purpose and truth.

James 1:17-21 speaks of the conflict between desire and the will of God. We are reminded that every good and perfect gift is from above, from God. For whether our gifts and talents, joys and passions, take us places we where we excel or become frustrated and desire to quit, the design of our gifts and life journeys exist as a portion of the grace of God, from whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. God is perfect, and so His design of history and of us is perfect also.

Because of my sin, I desire my own will, which naturally desires what is not from God (vs 19-21a).  Instead, by receiving with meekness, the implanted word of God, I may pursue what God has for me in my life with a greater understanding of hope and God’s grace for my life (21b).

God has a plan for our lives, even as strange and incomplete as it seems, God’s will is complete, and our gifts are for his purposes. Our situations are for his purposes.

— — —

This article is an adaptation of David Tank’s blog from October 2012:
When I Do Not want Enough as Enough.

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