Sweet Home Missouri

My phone vibrates in the seat next to me as I pull into the restaurant. “bro where you at?” “Just made it to the parking lot I’ll be right there.” As I walk into the building and turn the sharp left to the table I see…my best friends. Their faces light up as they see me and I am just laughing. Man it felt so good, these were the people I hung out with every day in school and most nights afterwards. The ones that made me laugh till I cried. Three off the four amigos reunited at last. We had Caleb who stayed in town to join the marines and last time I saw him was clean shaven but now, we got a blonde Santa Clause in the making. Then we got Blake, who went down to Arkansas University to study pre-med, shorter than your average sixth grader but smarter than your average rocket scientist. Then we all had our phones out texting the forth amigo, Spencer. Now Spencer was Mr. Valedictorian, homecoming king, captain of basketball, captain of baseball, and yeah just insert any award you can get in high school here. He moved to California a week after graduation and now goes to school in Dallas, six hours away from Joplin. So what was I known for? Making these guys laugh and never giving them a dull moment (and in basketball making a couple buckets). We sat their talking about how every day in school we would sit at lunch and talk about nothing but sports. These were my brothers and I knew in an instance they would be at my side and were always praying for me like I am for them. It was good to be home. Especially during thanksgiving, as I sit down on the large brown couch that is against the west wall in the living room after thanksgiving dinner everything goes into slow motion; My sister and my cousins on the floor laughing and playing with the dog, my grandfather leaning in the lazy-boy with his cane by his side telling a story to my father. My Uncle sitting next to me yelling at the TV as Texas continues to blow the game; and my aunt, grandma, and mom all talking about anything and everything. Even though we had an empty seat this year at the dinner table the love was even more abundant. So this is home. Where love is everywhere, My parents and family are always there for me. They taught me how to be a man off God, so yes I have my four amigos, but when it comes to my true best friends and mentors, it is my family.

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