Who am I….Your Dad?

Confessions of a College Freshman II By Evan Belk

The sun peers through the window blinds as my phone tells me its 7:30. I sit up and take a deep breath and look around my new room I will call home. My closet to my right, all the clothes that are now on my floor today were nice and hung up. Right beside the closet was my T.V and Xbox that was on till 2 that morning and the sounds of me and my roommates laughing, but this morning it was only me who was awake. My roommates didn’t have class till 10 so I wanted to as quiet as possible.  I hop down  with grace from the bunk bed and my foot gets caught in the sheets and I crash on the floor and hit the chair that I was sitting in the night before which made a screeching noise against the hard tile. Both of my roommates shoot up and where ready to fight the beast that must have broken into the room, to find the only freshman wrapped in the sheets on the floor moaning like a dying whale because I got the wind knocked out of me. “You’re here on a basketball scholarship?” One of them said with a grin. I was still trying to catch my breath or I would come back at him with something clever, but I was still a dying whale. “I’m in for a long day” I thought. I managed to get dressed and out the door without another distraction and walking to my first college class. I look at my list of classes and where they are “Old Testament, 3rd Floor Cooper Hall”. So after three flights of stairs I’m in my class, anyone I know? Nope, all baseball players…lovely. All of my classes are great and I love them except Algebra, Algebra is not a holy subject, I swear the devil went “and let there be letters of the alphabet in math.” Because I feel like I am trying to tame a demon every time I open that math book. First five days are great, and then starts basketball conditioning. It is an hour or more of straight sprinting followed by weights. So after three weeks of that you are exhausted. This brings me to a Thursday night; I was in the library till midnight working on a paper for class. I felt like the walking dead heading back to my room, I swear my right leg wasn’t moving and I was just dragging it. I get into my room and crawl into bed and softly lay my head on the pillow and fell asleep… BANG the door opens and in comes a very loud roommate, the dark room became light as day once again. I looked at my phone, 2:00 AM. I look down and see my roommate doing push-ups and watching TV. As he put it on twitter “I am getting my grind on in the AM”. After checking my phone one more time to make sure I hadn’t slept in past noon I say, “Hey bro turn off the lights, can’t you do that in the morning?” In reply he remarked “Who are you my dad?” I just looked down in disbelief and lay back down and finally the lights went off at 4. I awoke at 7:45 and went to my 8:00 class. That was my only class of the day and I headed back to the room to catch up on the sleep I had lost the night before. I walk in and there is my roommate still asleep. I hop up on my bed and it wakes him up. He looks at his phone and realizes his alarm did not wake him up for his 8:00 class. “Bro,” He said angrily “Why didn’t you wake me up?” I looked down at him with a grin and replied “Who am I, you dad?” and went sleep.

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