Chosen in Weakness


            “He told me all that I ever did”, exclaimed the Samaritan women as she ran into her village. At this point in time the Samaritan woman, who was once rejected and ostracized by her community, ran into town proclaiming Gods deeds. She had met the true Messiah in the flesh at a well in the middle of the day. It was here that she encountered His love; His all-consuming love. She proclaimed, “He told me all that I ever did”. I am always amazed at this statement; this proclamation. This is a woman who was down cast among her own people. Wouldn’t you think that she would try to earn respect from them by not making mention of all her failures? Wouldn’t it have been better if she would have boasted in the visitation of Jesus to her alone and not to them? The truth is: Her weakness brought glory to Christ. Through her testimony the Samaritan people believed in Jesus. She led them to Him where they were able to experience Christ first hand in their lives (John 4, ESV).

Often times our world has engrained into our minds that we are to be strong. If we become vulnerable, broken, and sacrificial people then often we are perceived as weak. This is a false view of weakness. We were never meant to live by the world’s standards but by God’s standards. God taught Paul, along with many other followers, that weakness is where the power of Christ can be found. Paul then states, “I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me  (2 Corinthians 12:9, ESV).

Over this past weekend I was asked if I wanted to share my testimony on my college campus with a group of women. I have to be vulnerable and say that I panicked. While it seemed like an opportunity sent directly from God my mind was overwhelmed. I could only focus on the things that have yet to be “healed” or “fixed” in my life. I have so often told my testimony believing that there were certain issues in my life that I no longer deal with because Jesus came and rescued me from them. I didn’t realize, however, that Jesus wanted to walk through this healing process with me. Throughout my walk with Him there have been past issues that I continually brushed under the rug in fear that one day I would have to actually deal with these problems. I shoved most of these things out of sight without knowing I was doing it, that is, until recently.

            I decided to tell my roommate about this decision I had to make. I informed her that someone had dropped out from testimony night and decided to ask me to fill in. I shared with her my fears. It was in that moment that God spoke through her. “Don’t you dare limit what God has done in your life. Don’t let him (the enemy) do that. Look at who you were and who you are now. God has done a complete change in you.” As these words overflowed from her mouth I knew that this opportunity was a gift from God. He wanted to use me to impact another person’s life. What a gift that is to receive. I was able to see how God had been preparing me for the past year for a moment such as this. I understood what Paul meant when he said he would boast in his weakness.

Besides the story of the woman at the well God shared with me a testimony of another woman; the woman with the alabaster jar. This woman entered into the house of Simon the leper and poured fine perfume over Jesus’ head. The disciples didn’t see this as an act of worship but saw it as rather wasteful. What amazes me about Jesus is that He doesn’t see this woman as the world sees her. She is not filthy. She is seen through the eyes of pure love. Jesus speaks life over her by expressing how pleased He is with her worship. What a beautiful story:  a woman covered in filth and then redeemed. I have heard this story time and time again. Every time I think of it as beautiful but now I see how powerful it truly is. As Christians we can get into the routine of reading the Bible as a story and forget that this really happened. She was a real person. She had reached a time in her life where nothing was working in her life any longer. She was at her weakest. She knew that Jesus was close by. She knew that He was the only One that could show her the love she needed. She knew that she needed to give Him everything that mattered to her. She picked the most expensive item she owned; an alabaster jar of perfume. This was her declaration of surrendering all to Him. What about after this encounter? Did her old life just fade away? Did her temptations and struggles just disappear? No. What changed? The difference in her life was that her weakness was now in the hands of the Almighty God. There is no weakness in Him. Her testimony glorifies Him even to this very day. Why do we think our testimonies are any different?

As a Christian, a daughter, or a son of God, you glorify Him when your weakness is in His hands. The Potter, the ultimate Creator, formed you. He is the One who marks you. I know that I am currently grasping this concept. He has proclaimed that I am not tainted but I am washed. God has placed a seal upon my heart and upon my arm signifying that I am only His (SS 8:6). In 1 Corinthians 6: 11 it states that we were washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a generation that has been called out by God it is vital to know how God sees us. The power of these words are life-transforming.

God definitely decided to use my weaknesses of the past and of the present to glorify His name. I know that it is hard to not think about how others will view you but be encouraged that God’s opinion is the only One that matters. Learn to be vulnerable about your life. By bringing things to the light you bring glory to God. I’m sure the woman at the well and the woman at Jesus’ feet never would have imagined that God would use them but He did.

You are a Chosen Generation: Boasting in weakness in order to proclaim His power.



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