Bro Night: Theological Couch Talk:

[A Preview:]

Recently, some of my best friends and I gathered for a Bro Night.  Not surprisingly, turned out many things were the same as usual that evening.  With our host, we went through two oven-baked pizzas, there was discussion on our engaged friend’s wedding and groomsmen responsibilities, as well as the continuing joke on how the couple is going to attempt to set up myself and one of the bridesmaids, despite the fact that I am now not single, but our third friend remains so…Finally, one, then two, of the three of us slowly fell asleep, each on a separate couch, all while the discussion continued.

Before the evening ended however, there were many good conversation pieces, as well as provoking epiphanies of philosophical–theological perspective regarding our discussion of the evening, at 11:00 at night.


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