Thoughts from a trip to India:

Though hard to believe, I have been back in the United States of America for over two weeks now, but what I also must realize is I traveled for a solid three weeks to and from the country of India, plus a small trip also to KS and back not long afterwards: so, over one month of the summer before my junior year of college is already behind me. (Can someone say: “Time to work?”) On the trip, we as a team of students from Sterling College (KS) went to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, in the country of India, to serve at a school of Worship that equips [young] Christians to become worship leaders in the growing church in India. We were there for a period of two weeks, and during our stay, we gave many lessons on general and worship theology, helped teach basic keyboard, and preached in several churches. (Specifically, I plan to enter in the future some of the lessons & sermons that I gave while in India, so keep a heads up for Lessons and Sermons from India.) Overall, all I can say is that my time in India was incredible. Several elements of the trip specifically caught my attention, and the Holy Spirit taught me many lessons along the way as well, so I shall elaborate on some of them…

See more about my missions trip at Symphony Theologica:

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