Another Welcome & Some Previews:

Thank you again for visiting the new website.  We are truly appreciative of your time.

In the Fall, we will resume our regular output of article content through 10:31 Life Ministries specifically, taking the opportunity during the summer to release and continue to share personal blogs and content as so.  We will let you know of personal releases through our website, and be sure to be on the lookout as the Fall draws near for the rereleasing of 10:31 articles.

I specifically will be releasing a new 10:31 series called: Worship War VII.  The purpose of this series is to focus on the importance of the spiritual war over worship.  Not necessarily the commonly phrased ‘worship wars’ over music styles in church congregations, but I seek to emphasize and reveal my personal passion, revealing the battle for living worship: a lifestyle of testimony and witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which also gives praise to the LORD for His provision, through music, song, acts of service, and the fruit of the spirit.  I desire to emphasize Living worship.

Again, thank you for visiting 1031 Life  Be sure to keep up to date with blogs such as

God’s Heart For Those by Jonathan David Faulkner,
A Chosen Generation by Angel Edwards,
and my personal blog, Symphony Theologica.

God Bless,

-David Tank

Writer & Leadership Team member of 10:31 Life Ministries

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