Welcome to 10:31lifeministries.com

Dear Readers

This is Jonathan David Faulkner the founder and Director of 10:31 Life Ministries here to formally welcome you to the brand new 10:31 Life Ministries website, 1031lifeministries.com.

Since our formation in 2009 we’ve been searching for a place to call our own on the web. So it is with great excitement that I introduce you to our website. This will be the new home for all our blogs and writers. Here you can find the bios for the team, Angel, David and I as well as bios for our contributors like David Faulkner.

For the summer we’ll be releasing our personal blogs for you right here to build towards the fall. Then we’ll launch the old blogs, A Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2:9) written by Angel Edwards, the College Commitment written by David Faulkner. As well as new blogs like Take the Lead (formerly The Truth) that I will write as well as David Tank’s new blog Worship War VII.

The full 10:31 blog list you’ll find here will be as follows:

Angel Edwards:
A Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2:9)

David Tank
Symphonia Theologica
Worship War VII (Monthly 10:31 Blog)

Jonathan David Faulkner
God’s Heart for Those
Take the Lead (Monthly 10:31 Blog)

David Faulkner
College Commitment

Un-named College Freshmen
Confessions of a College Freshmen

As we move forward as a ministry we pray that you’ll grow with us on this journey God has put us on. As we blog about worship, leadership and many other subjects I pray you’re spiritual life will be enriched and you will fall deeper and deeper in love with the God of the universe.

God Bless You & Welcome
Jonathan David Faulkner
10:31 Life Ministries
Director & Founder

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